Traktor Kontrol S5 — Pitch Faders

One important thing that latest Native Instruments S5, S8 and D2 controllers lack badly is the pitch/tempo fader.

Strange enough! Those faders wouldn’t have occupied much space, but without them users are forced to use the SYNC button, even if they want to beat-match manually.

Traktor Kontrol S5

Luckily, it’s quite easy to re-map deck C and D volume faders to act as pitch!

A little bit of hacking is needed. Find the Mixer.qml file on disk.

  • On Windows: C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Traktor 2\Resources64\qml\CSI\S5

  • On Mac: /Applications/Native Instruments/Traktor 2/, right click, “Show Package Contents”, and then Contents/Resources/qml/CSI/S5

Open it in a text editor, and right before the last closing brace insert the following lines:

  // pitch fader start

  AppProperty { id: hack_aTempo; path: "app.traktor.decks.1.tempo.adjust" }
  AppProperty { id: hack_bTempo; path: "app.traktor.decks.2.tempo.adjust" }

  AppProperty { id: hack_aSync;  path: "app.traktor.decks.1.sync.enabled" }
  AppProperty { id: hack_bSync;  path: "app.traktor.decks.2.sync.enabled" }

  AppProperty {
    path: "app.traktor.mixer.channels.3.volume";
    onValueChanged: {
        hack_aTempo.value = 1 - 2 * value;

  AppProperty {
    path: "app.traktor.mixer.channels.4.volume";
    onValueChanged: {
        hack_bTempo.value = 1 - 2 * value;

  // pitch fader end

Restart Traktor.

Now, when SYNC is off, volume faders C and D will adjust tempo of decks A and B respectively.

Turn off Snap. Turn off Quantize. Cover BPM and phase indicators with tape stickers. And beat-match by ear as a real DJ!

P.S. It was fun to know that controller mappings are done in JavaScript!